van sales

 When you’re looking for used vans and new vans for sale, Scream Directory can help. We list local van sales businesses in your area so you can get a quality vehicle at a great price. Many of the van sales businesses can offer new vans on finance, and some even offer finance for used vans. Whether you need larger commercial vans, small trade vans or vans with plenty of seats, we’ll help you to find van retailers in your local area.

Van sales have increased by more than 10% this year, as the country has begun to climb slowly out of the recession, meaning that more business owners have been able to afford new vans, while the prices of new and used vans has also dropped slightly making them more affordable.

Tips For Buying A Van

When you’re looking to buy new or used vans, there are lots of things that you should consider before making that purchase.

Even if you’re purchasing a used vehicle rather than a new one, you still have consumer rights and these can be found on the government’s Consumer Direct website. You have these rights whether you buy your van from a van sales trader, auctioneer or a private individual.

Some other things that you might want to consider include thinking about the daylight – it’s far better to see the vehicle in natural daylight in the middle of the day rather than at dusk or in a dimly lit garage. You should also try to see the vehicle at the seller’s home or business address, preferably the same one that is on the V5 document. This will ensure that you can trace back to the previous owner should any problems arise later on, such as unpaid fines that the previous owner owes. Check with all used vans that the vehicle ID number (VIN) and the engine number all match the V5 document. If not, then there is something dodgy about the vehicle. 


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