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Terms and Conditions

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This page states the terms and conditions under which
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Intellectual property
All content of the website, inc. text, graphics, logos, software and trademarks are the property of the website and are protected by copyright and UK law. Scream Directory will not tolerate copyright infringement and will actively pursue any known infringement to the full extent of the law of the country.

You can not copy, published or reproduce any part of any content on the website, or otherwise use Scream Directory content in any way except for your own personal use. Nor may you use the Website to create, change, update or run any databases, directories, customer lists, mailing lists or other records from the website data. You cannot use any Scream Directory content as a source for direct marketing purposes, tele-sales, market research, or any other marketing activity, is strictly prohibited.

Website Warranty
Scream Directory does not guarantee the 100% uptime or any pre-set performance of the Website or any of it's content. We will always try to make sure all content on the website is full and correct at time of launch,  no responsibility is accepted by Scream Directory for any errors, omissions or inaccurate content on the Website at any point.  Scream Directory will not be liable for any loss or damage, financial or otherwise as a result of informations contained on the Scream Directory website. We do not guarantee or support any of the products or services featured on the website, all content on the website is for information purposes only. The final suitability for any product, service or item you view on the website is your own choice. No content on the website, or the server on which the website operates from is covered by any warranty by Scream Directory, nor does this cover any viruses or other code that could be seen as harmful on the website.

Website Contributions
Scream Directory reserves the right, without any obligation whatsoever, to review, correct, fix, remove or modify any content on the website at any point. By submitting a feature article for Scream Directory then you are providing this item free of charge for us to use on the website, nor does this mean you can use any feature as an advertisement for your business, all articles must be giving in good faith, accurate and truthful,  being valuable to the website viewers.

Website Advertising
Any Information you provide for your business listing on the website must be accurate and truthful. All text, images, logos and video must be your own property to use for your own business needs. You must not supply any copyright material to use on your business listing on Scream Directory, any content breaking any copyright law will be the sole responsibility of the business listing owner or business itself who supplied the material to the website. Scream Directory will not be held responsible for any issue or claim arising from copyright material bring submitted to the website, for use in any feature, banner ad or business listing.

Website Business Users
At times Scream Directory will require certain communications relating to your account, by either mail, email or telephone. You cannot opt of of this policy as at various times we will need to contact you throughout the year, to keep you updated on the status of your account or to offer you new services or features developed by Scream Directory.
If you believe any content on the website is incorrect, or breaches a copyright issue or rights, then please contact us with the details by clicking here >,  Scream Directory can any any time edit or update our terms. By using the website you obey these terms and conditions and if you disagree with any part of the terms on this page - then you should immediately stop using the website.

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the scream directory is created to highlight your services and products to local customers & clients

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