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History of Indian Cuisine

Scream Admin 12th Aug 2013 Pubs & Restaurants
indian curry

Indian food has become hugely popular all over the world—the spices, the herbs and all the bursting colours spread out on the table! Each delectable Indian recipe has come far and wide and as centuries unfold, these meals have become staples in countless dinner tables. The diversity and history of Indian cuisine has come a long way and still evolving even to this day.

Indian cuisine is historical in every sense and it is considered a cultural gem of South Asia since time immemorial. Everything Indian is richly and lavishly served with a twist and a zing. From Indian starter dishes to main dishes and to desserts, the colours and aroma would entice even the most discriminating food connoisseur. Indian snacks also have a fan base of its own because of its sweetness and flavourful fill. The spices and herbs that are evident in almost all dishes bring out the best of the regions. Beverages, which accompany the meals, have also become just as popular.

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