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Ilhams Barbers, Hair Dressers & Children’s Barbers – A Cut Above The Rest

Why go for a mundane haircut when you can have the Superman logo shaved into the back of your head? Maybe you want to show your everlasting devotion to your favourite football team with their logo in your hair? These are just some of the many funky and offbeat designs that Ilhams Barbers and Hairdressers in Warrington can offer. The highly artistic and experienced barbers at this awesome barber shop love what they do and you can see it in the amazing and snazzy cuts that they do for their many local customers every day. But it isn’t just adults that this jazzy salon do, oh no. They have a dedicated children’s barbers that the kids just love.


Warringtons unique children's barber !


The children’s barbers inside of Ilhams Barbers in Warrington is absolutely brilliant, and your kids will be dying to get in there. They have left nothing unthought-of when designing this outstanding barbers for kids. As you arrive, there is a waiting area with plenty of kids books to keep your little tykes entertained while they wait for their funky new cut. There is ample parking space for your buggies and the walls are littered with Warner Brother’s Looney Toons characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Road Runner as well as The Simpsons characters and of course lots of bright colours including a bright purple couch, a bit like the Simpsons’ sofa. What is there not for the children to love about this trendy kids salon!? Well, there is actually a lot more.


The seats are no ordinary barber chairs. They are awesome racing cars that the kids clamber into complete with steering wheel to keep them occupied while the barber does his bit. And if the cars aren’t enough, then the plasma TVs playing kids TV shows should keep them quiet. It really does change taking the children for a cut into a pleasurable experience that you (and they) won’t be able to wait for.


And it’s not all for a profit either – they really do care and show it by donating to charities. The children’s salon in Warrington opened on Saturday 13th July and there was lots of entertainment including balloon modelling, children’s entertainment, face painting, special guests and prize giveaways. They confirmed that the first 50 children’s cuts of that day would be donated to charity, and they managed to raise a whopping £425 which was donated to Cancer Research UK.


They Cater For The Ladies Too


As well as the barber shop and kids barbers, Ilhams is also a hairdressers for ladies so you can get a superb new style cut by one of the talented and creative stylists – you could even go for a perm or a new colour. So for a fair price on a fantastic haircut that sets you apart, make sure you drop in to get a stylish new cut at a great price from Ilhams Barbers and Hairdressers in Warrington! 

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