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 Although it can be a very upsetting time when a loved one dies, it is important to get funeral services put in place by contacting a funeral director as soon as you can. At Scream Directory, we have funeral directors listed in your town who can assist you in making arrangements to say goodbye to your loved one. Companies specialising in funeral services can help you to arrange the funeral so that it is personal to your family and reflects a celebration of the life of the person that is missed. 

Most funeral directors offer a complete service and can advise you with all parts of the service, and can often provide ideas as to other services that they have performed to help you to consider the options that are available to you.

What To Do When Someone Dies

If a loved one dies in the hospital or a hospice, the staff will contact a doctor who can issue the death certificate and you will have to collect this from the place that your loved one passed on. You will also need to pick up any belongings that your loved one left behind. If your loved one is to be cremated then you should inform the hospital staff, as additional documentation may be needed.

If your loved one passes away in their own home or a nursing home, you should make contact with their doctor who will issue the death certificate if they are satisfied with the cause of death or if they were aware that their patient was going to die. You might have to pick the death certificate up from the surgery.

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