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When you’re in need of a qualified driving instructor who can assist you in learning to drive, Scream Directory can find you the experts that you need. Driving lessons cost a fair bit these days, so we understand you’ll want to find a local driving instructor with a good track record and pass rate. We also know that learning to drive can be daunting, so you will want to be able to find a driving instructor that you feel comfortable with.

On Scream Directory, we list a number of local companies offering competitively priced driving lessons by top driving instructors. We list companies and instructors who are registered and approved by the Driving Standards Agency. We may also be able to assist you in locating instructors who can teach learning to drive in multiple languages, so that if English is not your first language, you can have driving lessons in your mother tongue.

Intensive Driving Courses

If you would prefer to learn to drive in a short space of time, you can look at intensive driving courses which usually consist of one or two weeks of full time driving lessons, with your driving test at the end of this period. We have some driving instructors listed on our directory who can offer this way of learning to drive, so that you can get on the road much more quickly. If you opt to do standard driving lessons, which is usually one or two lessons per week, you can expect to be learning for 4-9 months depending on how quickly you pick it up.

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