car dealer

If you’re considering whether to buy a new car from a local car dealer, make sure that you check out the local car sales specialists that we have listed on Scream Directory. Here, we have a number of local car dealers who can offer great deals on new and used cars in your local town or county, even if you’re looking to buy on finance. But before beginning the car sales process to buy a new car, there are certain checks that you should do to remove the risks associated with car purchases, such as the risk of buying a stolen vehicle.

Car Sales Tips

One of the biggest purchases you’ll make is when you buy a new car from a car dealer. Whether it is used or new, there are things you need to take into account before you buy, however the majority of the tips refer to used cars rather than new ones which carry far less risk.

First things first, make sure that you get key information about the vehicle from the seller, such as the vehicle’s registration number, MOT certificate number, make and model and the car tax information. Once you have this information from the car dealer or seller, you can use the car checker on the DVLA website designed for people looking to buy a new car so that you can check the information that you have been provided with match the DVLA’s records. Also check the MOT and the MOT history (including mileage at each test) to ensure that the MOT information matches the details you’ve been given. You may also wish to do a HPI check which will show up if the vehicle has been stolen.


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