If you have ever heard someone mention ‘The Granite City’ or the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’, then you may or may not know, they were talking about Aberdeen. Aberdeen was named as such because it is a city famed for its local quarries, with most of the cities being built from materials sourced from the quarries; almost all of its buildings are a pale grey in colour.

With a population estimated at around 468,000 in the city of Aberdeen and the surrounding areas, it’s a city that is most definitely on the map of Scotland when it comes to great places to visit.

Aberdeen will give any visitor a fantastic taste of what Scotland has to offer, an exciting abundance of nightlife available and also lovely tranquil country retreats on the outskirts, there really is something for everyone in Aberdeen.

There are many things to see and do as well as exploring further afield to the outskirts of Aberdeen. Home to the largest national park, Aberdeen is a picturesque location located toward the very north of Scotland. Despite Aberdeen being somewhat of a rural area in general, it’s very easy to get to. With fantastic transport links, Aberdeen is easily accessible via car and train.


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